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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Overview of patient characteristics

Case No.Age (yr)SexLocationZone of injuryType of injuryPlace of injuryDistal phangeal fractureDMSmoking
151FRt. index fingerZone 2CrushingIndustial zoneNoNoNo
229MLt. ring fingerZone 2GuillotineIndustial zoneNoNoNo
351FRt. ring fingerZone 2CrushingIndustial zoneNoNoNo
449MLt. ring fingerZone 1CrushingIndustial zoneYesNoYes
546FRt. little fingerZone 2CrushingIndustial zoneYesNoNo
634MRt. middle fingerZone 1CrushingIndustial zoneNoNoNo
745MRt. little fingerZone 1CrushingIndustial zoneNoNoYes
857MRt. middle fingerZone 1CrushingIndustial zoneNoYesYes
925MLt. middle fingerZone 1CrushingIndustial zoneNoNoNo
1024FLt. ring fingerZone 1GuillotineHouseNoNoNo
1145FRt. ring fingerZone 2CrushingIndustial zoneNoNoYes
1234FRt. index fingerZone 2CrushingIndustial zoneYesNoNo
1347FLt. index fingerZone 2CrushingIndustial zoneYesNoYes

DM: diabetes mellitus, F: female, M: male, Rt.: right, Lt.: left.

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