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Arch Reconstr Microsurg 2016 Nov;25(2):25-78
Original Articles
Refinements of Adipofascial flap for Small Defects of Fingers and Toes: Indication and Surgical Tips
Yoon-Kyu Chung, Jin-Hee Choi, Jiye Kim, and Seum Chung
Arch Reconstr Microsurg 2016 Nov;25(2):25-8
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Applied to a Meshed Split-Thickness Skin Graft
Dong-Hun Lee, and Yu-Jin Kim
Arch Reconstr Microsurg 2016 Nov;25(2):29-36
Close-by Islanded Posterior Tibial Artery Perforator Flap: For Coverage of the Ankle Defect
Sujin Bahk, SeungHwan Hwang, Chan Kwon, Euicheol C. Jeong, and Su Rak Eo
Arch Reconstr Microsurg 2016 Nov;25(2):37-42
Hip Flexion during Intraoperative Insetting of a Perforator Flap for Reconstruction of an Ischial Sore
Su Bong Nam, Heung Chan Oh, Jae Woo Lee, Kyeong Ho Song, and Seong Hwan Bae
Arch Reconstr Microsurg 2016 Nov;25(2):43-8
Clinical Efficacy of Gluteal Artery Perforator Flaps for Various Lumbosacral Defects
Hyun June Park, Kyung Min Son, Woo Young Choi, and Ji Seon Cheon
Arch Reconstr Microsurg 2016 Nov;25(2):49-55
Case Reports
Porocarcinoma Arising in a Ganglion Cyst: A Case Report and Review of the Literature
Ie Hyon Park, Tae Hoon Kim, Sung Tack Kwon, and Ji Ung Park
Arch Reconstr Microsurg 2016 Nov;25(2):56-9
Replantation for Segmental Amputation of the Digits and Hand: A Case Report
Sung Jin An, Sang Hyun Lee, Hong Sung Min, In Hee Kim, and Jeung Il Kim
Arch Reconstr Microsurg 2016 Nov;25(2):60-4
Acute Shortening and Delayed Lengthening in Management of Lower Leg Amputation: A Case Report
Seung Hoon Kang, Sung Won Jung, Jin Woo Jin, Dong Hee Kim, Sung Jin Shin, Min Jeong, and Yil Ju Eho
Arch Reconstr Microsurg 2016 Nov;25(2):65-8
Perforator Based Tibialis Anterior Segmental Muscle Island Flap in Lower Extremity Reconstruction
Il Hwan Byun, Soon Sung Kwon, Seum Chung, and Woo Yeol Baek
Arch Reconstr Microsurg 2016 Nov;25(2):69-71
The Keystone Flap in Greater Trochanter Pressure Sore
Il Hwan Byun, Soon Sung Kwon, Seum Chung, Woo Yeol Baek*
Arch Reconstr Microsurg 2016 Nov;25(2):72-4
A Patient with Multiple Unfavorable Reconstruction Options: What Is the Best Choice?
Hyun June Park, Kyung Min Son, Woo Young Choi, and Ji Seon Cheon
Arch Reconstr Microsurg 2016 Nov;25(2):75-8
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Anesthesia for the Experimental Rats
Hee-Rack Choi, Jong-Hyun Ko, Hae Beom Lee, Jun-Mo Lee
Received March 2, 2013; Accepted March 4, 2013.
The Treatment of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Yoon-Min Lee, M.D., Seok-Whan Song, M.D., DMSc, Ki-Bum Choi, M.D., Seung-Koo Rhee, M.D.
Digital Replantation in Industrial Punch Injuries
Kyu Cheol Lee, M.D., Dong Chul Lee, M.D., Jin Soo Kim, M.D., Ph.D.,
Sae Hwi Ki, M.D., Ph.D., Si Young Roh, M.D., Ph.D., Jae Won Yang M.D.